Dream while you are awake

23 Aug

GOOSE - Coronado Pavilion at Cosmopolitan
Summer Bar* CHEZ MOI at 
Tres Chic
Raindale - Challor planters at 
Swank Event
Raindale - Heathergate bench v2 @
Raindale - Gracewoods gacha @
-Gracewoods armchair 2
-Gracewoods coffee table
-Gracewoods deco plate
-Gracewoods rug
-Gracewoods console table
Tres Chic
-{Petite Maison} Nations Pillow R
-{Petite Maison} Navajo Lake Pillow L
-{Petite Maison} Dreamy Pillow R
-{Petite Maison} Sonata Candle Large
-{Petite Maison} Sonata Candle Small
-Soy. Green Plants Wall Panel
-{vespertine}- peacock plant.
 "Roses & Lace" Wedding - Hanging Plant Deco
[CIRCA] - "Jardin de Ville" Ivy Hook Stand2 - Flowers - P/B (L)
[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Wildflower Centrepiece /Candles - Alum
-[CIRCA] - "Boho Rustica" Wildflower Centrepiece - Aluminum
-[CIRCA] - "Jardin de Ville" Ivy Hook Stand -Bird Bath & Feeder2
Fancy Decor: Hurricane Sconce

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