The billiard room

29 Oct

llorisen // chloe apartment skybox
Gacha Billiard Set  * CHEZ MOI - Exclusive for
Gacha Garden -
-Billiard Table Penelope CHEZ MOI
-Billiard Stool Yellow CHEZ MOI
-Billiard Stool Black CHEZ MOI
-Billiard Stool Red CHEZ MOI
-Billiard Stool Blue CHEZ MOI
-Billiard Cabinet CHEZ MOI
-Billiard Wall Decor CHEZ MOI
-Billiard Balls Triangle CHEZ MOI
-Messy Billiard Balls CHEZ MOI
-Gacha Mr. Williams 7/16
-Gacha Mr. Joker 4/16
-!six o'clock! [INDUSTRIAL CLOCK-10] Aircraft

[Con.] Cooper's Armchair - PG - Yellow
[Con.] Cooper's Armchair - A - Blue
[Con.] Restored Soda Machines - Solid Yellow
[Con.] Route 66 Sign - Blue
PILOT - Industrial Wire Pendant Quad [Teal]
..::THOR::..Old's Cool Helmet Shelf
..::THOR::..Old's Cool Metal Fire Extinguisher
*YS&YS* Industrial Wall Lamp Red
*YS&YS* Industrial Plant Vase 2
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set - 06 Tyres Plant
*YS&YS* Fast&Curious Set - 13 Sign B
*YS&YS* Industrial Plaque 2

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