The dreamiest of rooms

Bee Designs Mexican gacha TLC
MadPea Voodoo Masks - Envy
MadPea Voodoo Masks - Sadness
MadPea Voodoo Masks - Fear at
*HEXtraordinary* Rustic Fireplace
Concept} 10. Ca'Pepe. Coffee table
Concept} 09. Algarve. Pot one
Concept} 01- Medina Build. UltraRare
BOHO 2.0 - cabinet
07 BOHO 2.0 - wall cloth
BOHO 2.0 - small table with stuff
11 BOHO 2.0 - plant/table
{vespertine}thrift store giraffe planter - pencil cactus/color
{vespertine}thrift store bear planter - sansavieria
uK - Boho Patio Round Table
Raindale - candles for fireplace
Fiasco - Cactus Lamp Blue
{vespertine}- peacock plant.
{vespertine}- elephant ear plant.
{vespertine}- monstera plant.
Soy. Green Plants Wall Panel

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